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Pastor Jilm closeupThank you for visiting our website. We hope it will give you insights and information into our church and its ministry. I believe the United Methodist Church offers a distinctive and meaningful face to Christianity.

We are a Progressive Congregation:  We believe that faith is not about belief in doctrine but about a journey in relationship to God through Jesus Christ that we all take together and share in the community of faith.  As our denominational motto declares, we believe in having Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors:  we share about our lives, our passions, our joys and concerns and in so doing ignite the Holy Spirit amongst us.

We are united in our devotion to Jesus Christ, but recognize that we experience Christ differently and have a variety of images of Jesus. We believe diversity is a strength and that when we embrace diversity we embrace God.  We take the Bible seriously but not literally.  We affirm the presence of God through the power of the Holy Spirit;  not a distant and omnipotent God to “believe in” but a present and loving God to open our hearts to; we believe in the primacy of God’s love and grace.  We believe in spiritual growth and social justice.  We stress relationships, believe that all of life is interconnected and we have a responsibility to each other and the creation.

We are a Reconciling Congregation: This means that we welcome Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) people to fully participate in the life of our Church.  More than that, we actively support same sex marriage and the ordination of LGBT people.

We are blessed at Cedar Cross United Methodist Church with people of all ages.  We have over 125 children in an incredible Vacation Bible School each year, we have an active youth program, and younger adults, too.  Most of all, Cedar Cross has a good and warm spirit.  People love each other here.  I think if you join us you will feel this spirit – I sincerely invite you to come.

Yours in Christ,
James Clarke, Pastor

Sunday Worship Services

Come worship with us this Sunday, March 26, the Fourth Sunday in Lent. We have two services, the first at 8:45 am with music and songs by our Praise Band and the second service at 11:00 am with music by our Chancel Choir and traditional hymns. At 8:45, the Praise Band will lead us in singing “Here I Am Lord,” “It is Well With My Soul,” and “Bind Us Together.”  Except for the music, our worship services are identical.

This Sunday we celebrate Camp Fire and Girl Scout Sunday. Members of these youth organizations will participate in conducting our services. Pastor James Clarke’s sermon will be “Fake News!” The scripture, read by the youth, will be from John, chapter 9, verses 1-41. Join us after worship for coffee and fellowship. You’ll find a warm, personal welcome at Cedar Cross United Methodist Church.

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What’s Going On at CCUMC

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