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Faith Talks


One of the things I like about youth gatherings in our United Methodist Church is faith talks.  Each time they gather, someone stands up to share about his/her faith.  It is a testament to the value of these events that young people feel comfortable and safe enough to share so personally – and many of the talks are very personal.  They speak willingly and openly about how they have suffered, difficulties they have faced, tragedies in their lives and the lives of their families.  This vulnerable sharing builds the spirit of the whole group – one can feel it.  How is it that they do this and we don’t?

One reason it is easier to share like that at some kind of retreat is that we all go back home; the “group” at CONVO, for instance, is not the group I live with everyday.  It is often easier to confess to a stranger than someone we know.  On the other hand, these young people do see each other – not every day but they are connected.  I think this sort of sharing is a potentially transformative thing – for individuals and for the community.  And I would like to invite people to do so in worship.  Our relationships deepen as we know each other better.  When we hear of the experiences of others it informs our own spiritual experience.  This is my initial query into the possibility of sharing like this in worship.  I am interested in feedback.

Pastor Jim



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