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Youth Mission Project


Cedar Cross Co-Op Preschool is very excited to announce that the CCUMC Youth voted to make CCCP’s playground beautification and upgrade their mission project this year!

We will be expanding on the size of the fenced area, adding tires to crawl and climb in/on, giving the play structure a much needed stain, removing all stickers and weeds in the surrounding areas, laying down new cedar wood chips, having fun, and much more!

This has been a huge discussion at CCCP board meetings for some time now, and we could not be more thrilled for all the help we are receiving from the youth group! Want to join in the Fun? … Do have some yard tools like shovels, and rakes, or maybe paint brushes you would like to lend us?  Contact Katie Albright or Katie Rugg for more information!

Check out CCCP’s website following the event to see before/during/after pictures of our CCUMC’s awesome youth and out joint efforts to make both Cedar Cross United Methodist Church, and Cedar Cross Co-Op Preschool even more awesome than it already is!



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