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Fun fundraiser to enable youth to attend camps


The Cedar Cross youth are raising money in a fun and fabulous way! All proceeds for this fundraiser will be going to help offset the cost of a number of camps that our youth will attend. These camps help to strengthen Christian youths to walk with God and build healthy relationships with other Christian youth in our area.

Three teams have agreed to participate in the fundraiser. The winning team will be coming to church with some fabulous new hair color on Youth Sunday, November 24. Would you like to see Pastor Jim and team mate Claire Calderon with Outrageous Orange hair? Or Shari Smith and team mate Eleanor Molver in a fabulous shade of lavender?? Or how about Rainbow hair??? That sight would be brought to you by Ellen Morehouse and Dana Brager. You have so many choices!

You will find posters and jars in the narthex just waiting for your vote. Cash or check can be dropped into the jars. The team with the most money will show up sporting a sassy new hair color.  Thank you in advance for your donations and to those putting their hair color on the line. It will be worth every single penny you put into it! The Cedar Cross youth thank you for your support.

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