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A Youth Sunday to remember!


Last Sunday, November 24, was Youth Sunday. More than 18 Cedar Cross youth participated in our worship services at 8:45 and 11:00am. The youth served as greeters, ushers, as the acolyte, led Children’s Time, collected the offering, read the scripture and Jocelyn Matheny delivered a special message for the day – truly a proclamation of the gospel. Except for music, both services were identical.

Worshippers at the 8:45am service were greeted by three youths at the church doors. Upon entering the Centrum, they were handed a worship bulletin by the youths. Lucas Morehouse, as the acolyte, lit the candles following the call to worship: “Let us worship God as children, with wonder and awe.” Sawyer Amundson and Jocelyn Matheny visited with the young children during Children’s Time. Eleanor Molver, pianist, offered “Whole New World” by the contemporary children’s composer, Alan Menken.

During the service, Youth were invited to share with the congregation some of their own faith values – such as, what they liked about Cedar Cross Church and to identify who had been an inspiration to them. One by one, the youth came to the pulpit and we learned that the people of Cedar Cross, the pastor, the youth group, and the opportunity to be themselves were some of the reasons why they liked our church. Among those cited as inspirations to them were Pastor Jim, Youth leader Geoff Albright, and their mothers. Pastor Jim acknowledged the youth for their willingness to come forward and to share. The congregation responded with spontaneous applause.

The scripture, Ruth 1:6-17, was read by Kenneth Clarke, leading into the message given by Jocelyn Matheny, “Unseeing Followers”. Jocelyn related how one night she couldn’t go to sleep and she reached down to pick up a book. It was her Bible – the Bible she received some years ago at Cedar Cross when she was in the third grade. Jocelyn said that the Bible was not a book that you read from the beginning, so she opened it to a random page – and it was to the story of Ruth. Jocelyn told us about Ruth, how she must have felt, and of her relationship to God. She identified her with a modern day Ruth and closeness to God today.

The Cedar Cross Praise Band, conducted by Brad Davidson, and our vocalists provided music at the 8:45am service. The songs include, “Trading My Sorrows” (We say, yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord!), and “Shout To the Lord” (My Jesus, my Savior, Lord there is none like You”). The 11:00 service had traditional hymns and the Chancel Choir anthem.

We are very proud of our Cedar Cross youth, their leaders and their active participation in the life of Cedar Cross United Methodist Church.

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