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Spiritual Lives Discussions at Adult Sunday School


If you haven’t been you Adult Sunday School you are missing out; we have great discussions about our spiritual lives, our life in the church and where we see the activity of God in the world.  Please come join us.

This past week we talked about spirituality as Being, Doing and Relating.  This is primarily opposed to believing, thinking and feeling.  The author of our book, Bradley Holt, says that through practices (involving being, doing and relating but not much thinking or feeling) we allow the love of God to enter our hearts and then change our habits, patterns, thoughts and feelings.  Experience precedes thought; formation is more foundational than belief.  This is a far cry from how most of us were brought up.  I can’t remember growing up that anyone asked me about my “experience” or my spiritual “practices.”  Yet from an historical perspective faith has been more about being, doing and relating than about thinking and believing.

Next we take on questions about Jesus and the Bible.  P.Jim


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