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Youth fun at Camp Indianola!


A really good thing happened! The week end of March 21, Cedar Cross had 18 youth and 4 adult chaperones attend a week end of camping fun at Camp Indianola which is located on the Kitsap Peninsula. This event was hosted by the Seattle United Methodist District Youth Team and Cedar Cross was the largest youth group there! This event is a place where our youth mingle, make friends and worship God with other church groups. In some cases like Kenneth, he could catch up with old friends from other parishes that Pastor Jim and Pastor Paula have served. Our Youth Group leaders are planning on attending two more events this year. They are; CONVO held over the memorial week end and Fort Flagler in November. They are planning on around the same number of youth attending as SUMYT. The cost for the events are: SUMYT $105, CONVO $175 and Ft Flagler $95. As most of you know these are most costly years for parents with their youth school activities and the sports that they are involved with. The Cedar Cross Leadership started in 2014 to support our Youth and their families by having a line item in the budget for Camper Scholarships so that no youth would be left out.  The plan was to subsidize a portion of each attendee and pay the adult chaperones event fees.  For 2015 we budgeted $3,000 with $1,000 allocated for each event.

However, we had more youth attend the first event than planned and we now can see that we will have more youth attend the remaining events this year. We have spent almost half of this year’s budget therefore leaving a short fall for the remaining two events. If we have the same number of youth attends the remaining two events that will cost $6000. With what is left in the budget and the parents portions which would leave a deficient of $2700. So I am asking each you to make a donation to see that all of our youth are able to attend. If each of our 185 church families would donate $14.60 this would cover the amount needed to send our Cedar Cross Youth to both events. I am very confident that with your generosity we will raise more than the $2700 needed. So…any funds raised above the amount requested will be used for to support the Youth program this year. Personally, I am passionate about Youth and giving them the ability to worship God in different places and with different people. This is our legacy to help guide our young people to see that they are a part of a loving and caring congregation. In hope that they will remember those good times that they had during their youth at church and apply that same love and caring in their adult lives. So please give generously.



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