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Worship Schedule


January 10: Slow Church I

“Blessed are the Slow” What’s wrong with slow children? Matthew 5:1-10 and Luke 6:20-26

January 17: Slow Church II

“This Smells like the Place’ Have you ever noticed how McDonald’s smells? And it’s the same everywhere! Genesis 12:1-9 and Matthew 5:13

January 24: Slow Church III

“Monks on the Run” How many times have you moved in your life? Colossians 2:1-7 and Luke 8:4-8

January 31: Youth Sunday

February 7: Slow Church IV

“A Culture of Impatience” How much time do we gain when we drive faster, and what’s the time worth? Ephesians 4:1-6 and Luke 21:19

February 14: Slow Church V

“Love and Fragmentation” What does Libertarian love look like? I Corinthians 12

February 21: Slow Church VI

“Amazon/McDonald’s/Wal-Mart R Us” Who are we working for? James 2:12-22

February 28: Slow Church VII

“On the Seventh Day He…went to his son’s soccer game, lubed the car and checked in at the office before walking the dog and checking his e-mail” Don’t just do something, sit there! Genesis I and Mark 2:23-28

March 6: Slow Church VIII

“Abundance and Gratitude” “I built that” … NOT ¬† I¬†Corinthians 10:23-32

March 13: Slow Church IX

“Hospitals of Grace” What does it mean to have a Starbucks in our church? Luke 14:1-14

March 20: Slow Church X

“And We Feast at the Heavenly Potluck” How does the microwave affect our family fife?

March 27: Easter Sunday


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