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Successful youth mission trip


Our Cedar Cross Youth Ministries directors shared this report: It’s been a bit of time since the youth traveled to Moses Lake and we are still smiling from the joy that was Mission Trip 2016!! Thank you to our Cedar Cross Church family for your prayers, donations and financial support. We are beyond blessed to be a part of such an amazing Church Community. Thank you to Diane Cunningham, Julie Matheny, Katie Rugg, Stacy Fritts and Jamie Meisner for taking time from work and your busy schedules to be a part of our chaperone team.

A special thank you to Cedar Cross Vacation Bible School 2016 for gathering so many backpacks and school supplies. Along with the people of Moses Lake United Methodist Church, we were able to help provide school supplies, backpacks, lunch, and activities for almost 100 students of Lakeview Elementary School! It was so much fun!

Fun fact about that elementary school. They have a brand new 3rd grade teacher named Shelby Williams who was in the youth group at Cedar Cross many years ago.  And as youth leaders, Geoff and I could not be more proud of the youth of Cedar Cross. These youth are kind, supportive, and generous individuals who will be our future and the future looks bright folks. We have the best youth around!





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